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Hallo Sobat Chating!!! Biar malam minggu mu lebih ber-faedah yuk rame-rame listen Radio Chating FM¬†ūüėĬ†(y)¬†Karena akan ada event berhadiah di setiap minggunya! Untuk lebih lengkapnya Baca Poster

January 15, 2018

NICK ¬†Syntax: /NICK newnickname ¬† ¬†Changes your online nick name. Alerts others to the ¬†change of your nick ¬† WHOIS ¬†Syntax: /WHOIS nick ¬† ¬†Displays information of user requested. Includes Full ¬†Name, Host, Channels User is in, and Oper Status ¬† WHO ¬†Syntax: /WHO mask ¬† ¬†Who allows you to search for users. Masks include: […]

January 15, 2018

INVITE ¬†Syntax: /INVITE nick channel ¬† ¬†Invites the given user to the given channel. (Must be a ¬†channel Op) ¬† KICK ¬†Syntax: /KICK channel, channel user, user reason ¬† ¬†Kicks a user or users out of a channel, or channels. A ¬†reason may also be supplied. ¬† OPER ¬†Syntax: /OPER userid password ¬† ¬†Command to […]


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